Amare Terra is Latin for "love the earth". I chose to use Latin because it is used in the scientific community when naming organisms. A nod to my background.  

Hello, I'm Jenna! I live on Nantucket Island with my wonderful husband and daughter in a cozy cottage. My interests have always been the arts and sciences. After getting my degree in the Marine Sciences, I fell hard for the arts once again. Go figure! I turned my love for science into creating silver jewelry inspired by and made from the flora and fauna around me. Because they are made from my findings, you are guaranteed a one of a kind piece. 

Another passion of mine is henna, or mehndi. The henna plant is dried, crushed, and used to create a paste, which stains skin a beautiful deep rusty red color. The ability to literally paint the body with plants is another art form that connects to my love of the earth.